Moodle is a world leading
Learning Management System

This site will help provide an introduction to Moodle
in the various environments where online learning is prevalent.

Academic Learning
Universities, Polytechs, PTE's and Schools

Moodle began as an open source project to replace a University Learning Management System. Since then it has found use in all levels of academic learning, from Primary Schools, to Secondary Colleges, Private Training Enterprises to our largest Universites.

Workplace Training
and Staff Learning

Moodle provides a very solid and capable platform to provide Staff Training online. The nature of Staff Training is very different to academic learning, and we will provide you with the help to create the ideal learning environment for those who learn while at work.

A beginners Guide to Moodle

Watch an introductory Video

Resources to help you get started

These resources come courtesty of the worldwide community of Moodle users

Free Moodle Sandpit

The best way to get started is with a real Moodle site, hosted online so you can work on it from anywhere - at work, at home - and get to grips with it's capabilities.

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Free Moodle Sandpit

Community Forums

The community forums provide a wealth of knowledge, where you can find the answers to questions already asked. If you have a question that has yet to be asked, you can post it online, and gain the benefit of the experience of 1000's of users.

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Community Forums

Online Tutorials

These tutorials will help you get started and use the various features of Moodle. These include the various learning activities provided within Moodle, how to include externally created SCORM modules, and how to manage your site.

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